Teach-M is ......

The Excelsior team believe in memorable and motivating learning and development experiences. We bring everything we’ve got to each and every session that we deliver. We’ve a wealth of experience and expertise from the health and fitness industry to draw upon as well as our own personal energy and enthusiasm.

Unlike most trainers, we utilise the latest insights from the science of learning and human behaviour, to drive the kind of lasting change in your business that will take you way past any preconceptions you may have about us or our approach. You’ll see this in action if you ever happen to catch an Excelsior presentation. We have years of experience presenting globally on a variety of topics that lead our industry forward in its thinking.

By extending our knowledge and interests in this way we are able to bring a level of perception to our work that would otherwise not exist. For you, this translates into a unique approach tailored to the exact needs of your business and the ability to unlock the competence and confidence required in your staff for competitive advantage.

So, whether you require consultancy and development services, assistance becoming an independent registered education and training centre, need great CPD workshop content or you simply want to engage your customers with creative space development and programming, we have the experience to deliver exactly what you need.

Our extended team have been hand picked by us for sharing the same holistic, dynamic approach to education that we have, as well as for being outstanding teachers, learner-focused mentors and subject matter experts in their own right. They all inspire and challenge us and bring something extra to the Excelsior table that encourages our own growth and development too.